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Zero Impact

Leaving the Earth as we found it: Pure and Unspoilt

impact our Earth by living a zero-impact life
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Welcome to the zero_impact community. The goal of this journal is for its members to offer and discuss suggestions for minimizing the impact of humans on the Earth. The ultimate result would be a design for a truely zero-impact lifestyle. And of course by doing so, a huge impact is made!

One measure of success would be that you'd have no trash to take out. This could be accomplished by having edible containers *grin* or by recycling containers. If using recycling, when would the containers have to be replaced? Would they be naturally disposed of by nature itself if left uncared for? How long would this take? How long should it take? How could current production techniques of containers be adjusted to make containers like that? Or perhaps we need something to replace containers? Liquid foods perhaps?

If you find discussions like that interesting, please join in and let us know what you think. Thanks for making the world a better place!

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