chiaramente (chiaramente) wrote in zero_impact,

Hi all,

I love this community and I am a strong proponent of its principles. I am very interested in the "green" discourse, in sustainability, veganism, garabge-related problems, renewable energy, consumerism/consumer studies... all very fascinating topics to me. 

I am currently working on my thesis and  have decided to focus on the rise of the "green discourse". I am a political science and communications major  writing from a critical theory standpoint.

In my thesis, I would like to explore the renewed concern for the environment and how it stands in relation to the mainstream discourses of just some months ago that celebrated convenience and a "disposable" mentality. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good sources/links/communities I can look at? I am going to focus on blatant examples of cause-marketing like the RED campagin of course, but if anyone knows a magazine or website (or other) with content that is relevant for this research and could point me to it I would really appreciate it.

Stuff like:
- anything with the word "green" in it, particularly in relation to consumers, shopping, environmental protection
-  other content on marketing, environemental responsability and "green consumerism" that you find outrageous or perfectly reasonable
- Any new initative like Al Gore's Live Earth concert that combine entertainment with the "green" discourse
(I am doing content analysis)

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