the fee fairy (the_fee_fairy) wrote in zero_impact,
the fee fairy


I've got some information and a questionnaire from Forres Council (in Scotland). They are interested in canvassing peoples opinions on Earthships and whether they would rent them. I think they're looking to build sustainable communities instead of 'affordable housing'.

If anyone wants a copy of the info and questionnaire e-mail me: the.fee.fairy AT gmail DOT com and i'll send them. They're in PDF format.
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Yes, please send the PDF file to our account. We would be interested to see the timelines and details as to how they plan to achieve the goals.

Ideally, building sustainable communities should have always been the main focus in every society. It is rather strange to see such a slow progress moving into the right directions...


Please come join us for additional info related to sustainable living and more. We hope to see you soon!