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eugene dumpstering?

i've been vegan for a little over a month or maybe two now and it's going pretty well, etcetc yaddayadda, but it still doesn't really seem like enough- i would like to get into freeganism alot more. i will eat meat/dairy products if i find them in a dumpster or they are just going to be thrown out of course and i would just really like to move into that direction, because even as a vegan i don't buy the best food as far as local/organic goes- although i am moving into a household that's better at that, but ANYWAYS

i was just wondering if any of you out there knew of any good spots to go for food in eugene, oregon or maybe could direct me to somewhere that tracks these things? i have been having really crappy luck in finding places that don't lock thier dumpsters. this town also really likes it's urban sprawl so i need to work on getting tires for my bike and building a rickshaw. but that another story:/

this post is way longer than it needs to be. and i'm x-posting it.
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